Wij kennen cultuur

In the 30 years that our Legends have travelled the world for the best textile production, a lot of experience has been gained. We have seen and worked with a wide variety of production facilities. From authentic to innovative and modern, it’s all about expertise, quality and end result. We worked in the same workshops as the world brands and literally got a glimpse of their production kitchen. Interesting! The marketing often doesn’t match the hard reality in the studios. A living wage was communicated and promised, but that’s a relative concept. The Fair Wear Foundation audit and looks along, but the definition of a living wage is really different in Europe than in the poor ateliers.

Dutch Legend takes a different approach. And that is also possible in the disruptive model as we bring supply and demand together. Fair wages for the studio employees where Dutch Legends has its production produced. No fancy words for marketing purposes, but just one goal; studios that take better care of their employees. And with satisfied loyal employees the consumer gets a product that is made with a smile for a fair price.

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